Active Photo


Overview of ActivePhoto

Download a presentation of ActivePhoto here.

ActivePhoto Documentation

1. General Usage

 1.1  Take Photo from the Built-In Camera

 1.2  Load Photo from @Photo Library

 1.3  Load Photo from Phone's Library

 1.4  Save Photo to @Photo Library

 1.5  Record and Play Voice Memos

 1.6  Enter a Text Message

 1.7  View Current Location

 1.8  Embed Sub-Image Into Photo

 1.9  Access Embedded Media and Data using PhotoViz

2. Import & Export of Photos

 2.1  Download/Upload Files From/To iPhone

 2.1  Import Photos to iPhone

3. Settings

.1  Setting Photo Resolution and Quality

 3.2  Setting Password to Protect Embedded Contents

 3.3  Preset Email Subject, Photo Filename and Body Text

 3.4  Prevent Phone data From Being Embedded Into Photo

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