Load Photo from @Photo Library

a. In the main interface (Figure 1), tab on the screen to display the Function Menu (Figure 2).  Alternatively, a vertical swipe from top to bottom in the main interface will go directly to Figure 3

b. Tab on the "@Photo Library" button to display the Album listings (Figure 3)

c. Tab on the Album where the photo reside

d. The thumbnails of all the photo are displayed (Figure 4)

e. Tab on the thumbnail of the desired photo

f.  Select the image by double tapping on the image or press the "Select" button (Figure 5). A horizontal swipe from left to right will display the next image in the album.  Conversely, a horizontal swipe from right to left will display the previous image 


Figure 1: Main Interface                                          Figure 2: Function Menu


Figure 3: @Photo Library                                            Figure 4: @Photo Library Thumbnails


Figure 5: Photo Details