PhotoViz User Guide
Download the PDF Version of the User Guide here.  This manual is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  If you don't have the Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from the Adobe website. 
    1. Introduction 
          1.1 PhotoViz Features
          1.2 What's New in PhotoViz 3.3?
          1.3 Installation
          1.4 Activation
          1.5 System Requirements
          1.6 Customer Support 
     2. Looking at the Work Area 

          2.1 PhotoViz User Interface
          2.2 ImageViz User Interface
          2.3 Short Cuts and Quick Access Icons
          2.4 Status Bar
     3. Image Correction

          3.1 Automatic Image Correction

          3.2 Semi-Automatic Image Correction

          3.3 Manual Image Correction
          3.4 Auto Options and Language Settings

     4. File Management and Other Functions

          4.1   Image Rotate
          4.2   Image Resize
          4.3   Image Zoom
          4.4   File Information and File Rename

          4.5   Image Reset and Image Undo 
          4.6   Print
          4.7   Image Open and Save As
          4.8   Delete

          4.9   Launching Application

          4.10 Exit

     5. Accessing Embedded Content

          5.1 Registration Photos
          5.2 Message and Content Encryption
          5.3 Accessing Photo Messages and Photo Content

          5.4 Accessing Embedded Media from iPhone


     Appendix A: List of Icons


     Appendix B: Glossary