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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is there a Lite version of Active Photo ?
Yes.  The differences between the free Lite and Full versions are:
No Features ActivePhoto (Lite) ActivePhoto
1 Embed Text Message Yes Yes
2 Embed Location Yes Yes
3 Voice Recording Yes Yes
4 Touch Gestures Yes Yes
5 Email One photo per email Album or Entire Library
6 @Photo Library Yes Yes
7 Mobile Advertisements Yes Nil
8 Embed Images into a Photo - Yes
9 Password Protection - Yes
10 Embed Time stamp - Yes
11 Embed device parameters (e.g. Phone ID) - Yes
12 Download images from iPhone to computer via WiFi - Yes
13 Import Photos from computer to iPhone via WiFi - Yes

2. Can the embedded media (e.g. voice memos and text messages) be accessed outside the iPhone ?

Yes, users must first install a free image enhancement software - PhotoViz (version 3.3.2 or later)  from Currently, PhotoViz is available for the Windows environment only.

For audio playback, the QuickTime player is needed if the "Compressed Voice" setting in the iPhone is set to "ON".  If "Compressed Voice" is set to "OFF", Windows Media Player 7 (or later) can also be used.

3. How can I backup my photos ?
You can backup your photos by downloading your @Photo Albums or Library from the iPhone to the computer via WiFi networks.  The images are zipped into a single file and can be imported back to the @Photo Library.  Alternatively, @Photo Album or Library can also be compressed into a zip file and sent via email. 

For the Lite version, you can backup your photos by email (one photo attachment per email).

4. Is Active Photo international ?
Active Photo currently supports only the English language.

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