2. Getting Started

2.1 Installation

Installation of SMART is simple and straightforward.  If a previous version of SMART had been installed before, please uninstall the previous version first.


2.1.1 Installation Procedure

a. Unzip and double click the setup file

b. The installation wizard (Figure 2.1) is displayed. Click on the “Next” button

c.   Read the License Agreement.  If you agree, click the “Next” button  (Figure 2.2)

d.  Select Destination or Installation Folder.  IMPORTANT: SMART needs Write access to the

     Destination folder (Figure 2.3) and the user must login into a Windows account with Administrator


e.  Click on the “Next” button to start the installation process (Figure 2.4)

f.  When the installation is completed, click on the “Finish” button (Figure 2.5)

g.   Double click on the SMART icon on the Desktop to launch the application





Figure 2.1: SMART Installation – Step 1


Figure 2.2: SMART Installation – Step 2 License Agreement






Figure 2.3: SMART Installation – Step 3 Select Installation Folder






Figure 2.4: SMART Installation – Step 4 Confirmation to Install




Figure 2.5: SMART Installation – Step 5 End of Installation


2.2 Activation

A license must be purchased before activating SMART.  The registered name and email must be used in the activation of SMART.  An email will be sent to the registered user after each activation.


2.2.1 SMART Activation

a. Start up SMART by double clicking on the SMART icon.

b. In the Help Menu, click on the “Activation…” button

c. A license agreement dialog box is displayed. View the license agreement. And if you agree, click on the “I agree” button

d. The activation dialog box (Figure 2.6) is displayed. Select and copy the 32-digit Installation Code (B6ED-3444-09CE-44FD-A64C-FB6F-E059-B6E6)

e. Go to http://www.picsalive.com/SMART/Activate  as shown in Figure 2.7

f.  Enter the registered name and email into the website

g. Enter the 32-digit Installation Code (e.g. B6ED-3444-09CE-44FD-A64C-FB6F-E059-B6E6)

h. Click on the Generate button

i. If successful, the activation code be displayed and an email sent

j. Copy the activation code in Figure 2.7 and paste it into the Activation Code field in Figure 2.6)

k. Click on the ‘OK’ button in Figure 2.6




Figure 2.6: Activation of SMART



Figure 2.7: Online Generation of Activation Code (www.picsalive.com/SMART/Activate)


2.3 UnInstallation

a. Click on the Windows Start Button and select Control Panel

b. Double click on the Add or Remove Programs Icon

c. Select SMART from the list of Programs.  Click on the Change/Remove button

d. Click on the Yes button to confirm removal of SMART


2.4 System Requirements

·         Pentium® III or 4 processor

·         Microsoft® Windows® XP and above

·         512 MB RAM memory (2 GB Recommended)

·         High Colour (16 bit) display colours setting (True Colour Recommended)

·         1024x768 display resolution


2.5 Customer Support

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties in SMART, please contact us at support@picsalive.com and we will respond promptly.