SMART Features

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
Flexible software for scanning data from your assessments
Multiple-Choice and Multiple Response questions are automatically marked.  Barcode codes are automatically inserted into the assessment papers.
You can print your own forms and make copies with a photocopier
Forms can have multiple pages or be double-sided. No pre-printed forms are needed. 
Question Extraction for Marking
All questions are individually extracted from the form and stored as images
Non multiple choice questions can be manually marked

Mark the questions on your personal computers anytime, anywhere. 


Item Bank and Quiz Bank

Questions are entered and organized in an Item Bank. Item Banks serve as a resource for importing questions into the Quiz Bank.  Quizzes can then be printed for distribution to students

Marking data is embedded into the image of the question for security and privacy
Images can be viewed by any available image viewer software but nobody knows that image contains hidden data.  They looked just like any other images with no loss in image quality



Integration to Learning Systems
Bridge between paper-based assessments and Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Data and responses of students from the SMART system can be uploaded to the LMS for monitoring, profiling and tracking of students’ learning over an extended period of time. Additional ELearning courses and resources can also be recommended based on the student’s profile