What's New in PhotoViz 3.3?   15 Jul 2010
The following features and enhancements are added into the latest version of PhotoViz:

PhotoViz 3.3.3   15 Jul 2010
1. Extract Mutiple Photos from iPhone. Multiple photos taken in the iPhone will be saved into a file embedMedia.zip. This file is extracted using the "Save Media" button.

PhotoViz 3.3.2   22 May 2010
1. iPhone Active Photo.  View and access messages, audio recordings, sub-images, location data and phone parameters from iPhone images. (22 May 2010)
2. Improved integration between PhotoViz and ImageViz.  For password protected images, users need to enter the password once when switching between the two applications.
3. Preserved Embedded Media. Embedded media in images is preserved when the image is modified and saved.

What's New in PhotoViz 3.2?   5 Jan 2010
1. Content Access Control Module.  Hidden messages and content can now be encrypted directly in PhotoViz.  Access to embedded content can be restricted through the use of passwords and Registration Photos.
2. Improved Automatic Image Correction.  New image enhancement algorithms give better contrast and livelier colors.  Users can now select Auto Contrast, Auto Levels and Auto Color separately.
3. Batch Photo Processing.  A new feature to automatically enhance all images in the directory and subdirectories.  User can also specify an extension to be appended to filenames.

What's New in PhotoViz 3.1?
  7 May 2009
1. Active Photo (Active Gallery).  Active Photo is a novel way of delivering content, web applications quickly and easily by embedding them into images.  Active Photo offers an easier, more intuitive way to view, manage, and share your photos through Photo Galleries.  Viewers may also view a slide show, rate and provide valuable comments. Your photos are secure and can be shared online or offline with friends and family.
2. Batch Photo Processing with Zip Option.  Multiple photographs are automatically enhanced, resized and saved as a zip file. Images can also be converted from one file format into another. 

What's New in PhotoViz 3.0?
  1 October 2007
1. Steganography.  Users can view secret messages, save attached files, view web content and even execute windows applications hidden in images.  Confidential messages and files are hidden in images using the portal http://www.mailplusplus.com and emailed to recipients.  PhotoViz 3.0 builds virtual communities and promotes communication and sharing by providing security and privacy through the encryption of confidential messages and files in images.  Access to hidden data in images can be restricted to the target audience.  Windows or web applications hidden in images can also be executed.
2. ImageView. ImageViz is a program introduced to view and manage all functions for single images.  This provides a better user experience when viewing many images.
3. JPEG Quality. Users can specify the quality of JPEG files before saving. (available from ver 3.0.85 onwards)

What's New in PhotoViz 2.1?   8 October 2006
1. Files and Directories Management. Users can now copy, cut, paste, edit and create image files and directories.
2. Enhanced User Interface. Easier access to the functionalities of PhotoViz through the use of right mouse clicks and new icons.
3. Editing in Other Application . Launch Microsoft Paint within PhotoViz to further edit your photographs.
4. Multi-Language Support. PhotoViz now supports three languages: English, Chinese and Thai.