PhotoViz Features  1   2

Embed Messages and Content in Images
Encrypt and extract hidden text messages from images
Encrypt and extract hidden content (e.g. Microsoft Office or PDF documents, URL, zip files) from images
View web-content and execute Windows applications directly from images
Content Access Control.  Access to embedded content can be restricted through the use of passwords and Registration Photos. Registration Photos are special images that must first be viewed before users can access content in subsequent images
Free online image encryption service at
Active Photo
  Active Photo is a novel way of delivering content, web applications quickly and easily by embedding them into images
Access embed media such as messages, location data, phone parameters and audio recordings from iPhone images
  Active Gallery
Create your Photo Gallery and share your memories with friends and loved ones online or offline
Get viewers' ratings and comments
Create your Active Photo Gallery at
Eliminate Photo Flaws
Fix and enhance single or multiple photos automatically.
Corrects color casts and bringing life to digital photo by increasing tonal variance
Parameters in the automatic process can be defined by user. This is particularly useful when you want to apply a set of tuning parameters to multiple photos
Flexible white balance adjustment